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The Fat Vegan Chef is now on iFood.tv!

The Fat Vegan Chef on iFood.tv!
The Fat Vegan Chef on iFood.tv!

Thefatveganchef.com wants to teach you how to make delicious vegan food, and we have made it easier for you to watch our videos. Selected videos from The Fat Vegan Chef is now on Roku, GoogleTV, Amazon, most smartTVs, Android, Iphone/pad and Windows 8 and 10, Look for us on the ifoodTV and veganlife channels and apps on your devices and on our dailymotion.com channel. As always the recipes and more can be found at http://thefatveganchef.com

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Vegan cupcakes two ways

Today I am going to make vegan cupcakes two ways. The first is a yummy chocolaty and fudgy cupcake, the other one uses the same recipe but with a couple of extra ingredients will turn them into a spicy Mexican cupcake. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

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Vichyssoise or Potato-Leek Soup

Today I am going to make a true classic, Potato leek soup or Vichyssoise. I am going to give it a bit of a twist today by adding some ginger. This soup is traditionally served cold, but it can be served warm as well, so it is perfect no matter what hemisphere you are in. I am going to be making a large batch of soup today, you can half this recipe if it is too much for you.

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Vegan Arroz Tapado

Today I will be making a popular Peruvian dish that I have veganised. Arroz Tapado. It is a dish traditionally made with meat, eggs, and vegetables sandwiched in between rice. Watch as I use some alternative ingredients to make it vegan and still make it tasty.

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Tip and technique – cooking brussels sprouts

Today I am going to show you a good technique of cooking brussels sprouts. You can modify the ingredients as you please, adding or subtracting if you want. The trick is roasting them and getting them brown and crispy.

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