Ask me anything! You can ask me about veganism, cooking, computers, the internet, technology, or about me. I will do my best to ask all your questions. I will post the best questions and answers here, and you will remain anonymous, unless you tell me you wouldn’t mind your first or username being published. This is going to be fun! Answers here!

AMA Q & A:

When did you become a vegan?
I became a vegan around the age of 22.  I don’t remember the exact day.

Were you vegetarian first?
Yes, for 2 years.  I did it slowly though, first cow and pig, then chicken, followed by fish.

How many years have you been following a plant based diet?
Around 21 years.

What made a passionated chef leaving his kitchen for an IT based job? 🙂
A couple of reasons. It was a really tough decision actually. My knees were really starting to ache really bad from working those 10-14 hour days, and I wasn’t making much money cooking. For the last several years I was trying to figure out if I wanted to continue to do my childhood dream job or do something else. I was thinking photography or video editing/production (I took video production for a semester in high school, so I had an idea what it entails.) and it wasn’t until I was leasing a computer and figured out that I could actually build my own for a lot less than what the lease was for, and that I was good at it that I decided to go back to school and get a formal education.

What is your favourite dish? ?
This is a tough one. I love food way too much. I love Ethiopian, love massaman curry with tofu and veggies Thai hot, hummus and falafel, chocolate, I just love vegan food (except pickles and mustard).

What are your religious beliefs if any? Does that tie into your veganism?
Sorry it has taken me so long to answer this question. It took me a while to think about this great question.

Tl:dr: I have to say that I am an Animist / atheist with leanings towards atheism. I don’t want to say that I am agnostic either. I think it does tie into my veganism because the animist in me has a great respect for Earth Mother and her creations. If you really want to know more, read on, otherwise full stop.

Anyway I hope that answered your question, thank you!

“FYI, chocolate chips by ghirardelli, guittard, hershey and other general chocolate makers are not vegan. These companies use the same equipment to make milk chocolate and dark chocolate and DO NOT clean the equipment in between batches of milk and dark chocolate. So there will be a significant amount of milk in the dark chocolate. You have to buy from a company with separate equipment for dairy free chocolate to get vegan chocolate. Enjoy Life makes vegan chocolate chips.”

My response:
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