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Hello, I hope you enjoy our videos and recipes. If you do, please consider donating at least a dollar to help keep us going.
Groceries cost money. We spend at least $20 an episode just on groceries.
We would like to improve the audio and video qualities of our little home grown production. The Website also costs us $200 a year just for the domain and hosting.

Any money you donate will go directly to keeping this website going.

There are a lot of ways of donating to the cause.

The best way is to donate $5 – $10 a month through patreon
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You can click here and it will take you to a form to send a payment through paypal. You can log into your paypal account and send money to paypal at thefatveganchef.com

Donate through Venmo look for thefatveganchef

Or you can donate through our gofundme account:

You can also send an Amazon (or any) gift card to jared a@t thefatveganchef.com

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Another way you can help fund us and promote our site at the same time is to buy a shirt, bumper sticker or buisness cards at our official Zazzle store here:

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Check out Hulu for 2 weeks free, on me! Plans start at $7.99 after 1st 2 weeks.

Support us without costing you any money

Click on this link: Amazon and bookmark it then use that bookmark everytime you shop at Amazon and that will help support us without costing you any additional money.

Thank you for all that you do for The Fat Vegan Chef!

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